CRAVE Vend isn't just a POS - it's better in every way.
It's a cost effective, smart customer engagement system running on iOS and Android* with Cloud support helping you to seamlessly connect with your customers and efficiently manage your business.
Designed To Be Mobile
Secured Card Payment
Integerates best in class secured card readers.
Learn more about our payment processor partner
Apple Pay and EMV readers coming soon!
Integrated Online Ordering
Online ordering increases sales, productivity and reduces waiting time for your customers: win-win for you and them.
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CRAVE Kiosk: Self Service Kiosk
Improves onsite productivity with less staff. Offers speedy service, entices customer’s CRAVING with rich media, imagery and nutritional information.
CRAVE Fleet – Delivery Tracking
Improve delivery speed and reduce gas cost, employee time with integrated tracking technology. Take credit card payment at customer’s site.
Platform Overview
Other Features
Cloud support
Menu, accounts, open and completed orders and other info are secured in the cloud and accessible by you only from anywhere. Your employees can only access data relevant to their work.
Online Ordering
Online orders go directly to your POS system to confirm and print to kitchen printer. No more call from a third party, or customers during your busy time.
Secured payment
iDynamo & uDynamo are secure card readers. They use the MagneSafe™ Security Architecture to protect cardholder data through instant dynamic encryption, tokenization and authentication.
Gift card
Offer gift card to your customers, the best way to bring them or their family/friends back
Use CRAVEVEND back office to create, manage your eCoupons and deliver them to you customers smartphone.
QuickBook™ online
Your sales are synch'ed with your QuickBook™ online account to reduce manual entries and errors.
Rich menu management
Provide details of every item including pictures, ingredients and calories to better educate your customers.
Employee time management
Efficiently records your employee working time.
Social networks
Post your pictures, location to Facebook and Twitter.
SW upgrades
We continue adding features to help you seamlessly connect with your customers and efficiently run your business.
Only features to efficiently run your business without
extra cost nor high learning curve.
$39/month for two terminals
Standard SW Package
(all functionalities to run your business)
Pay As You Go Premium Service:
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(*) Android POS has less functionalities than iOS POS.
We recommend to use Android devices to confirm online orders.